Do we need to take any French language test before going to study in France?

Students in Hong Kong always doubt whether taking French language proficiency test before leaving for France for further study is prerequisite. Actually, the answer depends on the courses that you are going to enroll in.


If you are going to apply for a degree taught in English, you are not required to take any French language test. You may start learning in English while at the same time you can take the French language courses during your stay.


Basically, it depends on the requirements of school.


The existence of many French Language Proficiency tests,however, he l p s s t u d e n t s k n o w a b o u t t h e i r p r o f i c i e n c y i n F r e n c h , e v e n t h o u g h t h e y a r e n o t s t a y i n g i n F r a n c e .   

  Tests of French as a foreign language

The "TCF" and "TCF-DAP"

These are tests of general language proficiency used by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research. They are made up of mandatory and optional components.

The TCF-DAP was especially designed for use with the DAP process (admission to first year of university study). It includes the mandatory portions of the TCF plus a test of reading comprehension. 

The TCF is administered in 629 approved centers in 129 countries.


The "TEF"

The TEF is a test developed by the Paris chamber of commerce and industry. It measures test-takers' knowledge of general French through the 100-question QCM component, in addition to two supplemental tests, one written, one oral. 

The TEF can be taken in 400 centers in about 100 countries.


Diplomas in French as a foreign language

The "DELF" and "DALF"

The DELF (basic diploma in the French language) and DALF (advanced diploma) are granted by the French Ministry of National Education. 

The DELF and DALF curricula are broken down into six separate levels, each of which corresponds to a specific degree of proficiency. The DELF is awarded to candidates who pass the first four levels. Candidates who go on to complete the last two levels are awarded the DALF. 


I n H o n g K o n g , s t u d e n t s c a n t a k e t h o s e t e s t s (  D  E  L  F  /  D  A  L  F  /  T  C  F  ) at the Alliance Française de Hong Kong, an official examination centre.


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