For study (or internship) - short stay (90 days or less)

It is mandatory to obtain an appointment online to apply for a visa. Application time slots are between 8:00 and 12:30 from Monday to Friday.

On scheduled interview, applicants must come in person with their passport and all original documents, with a complete set of photocopies. The Consulate won’t do any photocopies and it won’t be possible to complete your application later.

All documents submitted to the visa department have to be written in French or English. If not, they have to be accompanied by a certified translation.


Applying for a student visa is a two-step procedure.

NOTE: between mid-April and late July, it is strongly recommended to book an appointment for visa application several weeks in advance.

1st step: academic interview at the Campus France office (address: 25th floor)

Applicant should come to the interview with the complete set of documents on scheduled appointment only, fixed by contacting In the message to be sent to Campus France, please mention all the necessary details such as programme enrolled in France, name of the French school and your original school in Hong Kong/Macau, duration of your study, departure date, date and time of the appointment taken for the visa section through online system.

No answers shall be given by Campus France office to queries regarding non-academic issues.

2nd step: visa application submission at the visa section (address: 26th floor)

Posterior to the academic interview, visa application can only be submitted at the fixedappointment made online on the website of the Consulate. Applicants should come to the visa section with their passport and a complete set of the required documents sorted in order.

Required documentsFor the visa section in this order :For Campus France :
Short-stay visa application form duly completed and signed (available to download or at the Consulate General)1 original 
Colour ID photograph, passport size with white background (35x45mm)1 original1 original
Valid passport (more than 3 months after the date of return from the trip)original + 1 copy of the identity pageoriginal
Hong Kong and / or Macau ID Cardoriginal + 1 copyoriginal
Hong Kong and / or Macau visa valid for 3 months after the date of return from the trip1 copy 
Resume (CV) with previous studies/work experiences AND motivation letter (not applicable to exchange program students)1 copy of each1 copy of resume
Admission letter from the academic institution in France AND payment receipt of the school fees if relevant1 copy of eachoriginal + 1 copy of each
- If you are employed, letter of reference from your employer (indicating consent for training)1 original 
Letter from your academic institution in Hong Kong or Macau confirming your studies in France1 copyoriginal + 1 copy
Official transcripts of academic records from your academic institution in Hong Kong or Macau original + 1 copy
Financial guarantee form1 original 
- Last 3 bank statements or bankbook of bank in Hong Kong / Macau AND your parents’, together with your birth certificate and their latest income tax1 copy 
- Proof of accommodation in France valid for the entire stay : rental agreement or original housing certificate (specimen) or hotel booking or letter from your host with copy of his/her identity document and proof of address (less than 3 months old)1 copy 
Insurance for the Schengen area (medical, hospitalization and repatriation) valid for the entire stay with details of the coverage1 copy 
Return airline ticket or confirmed booking1 copy 

Other documents may be requested on a case by case basis. 

Processing time : click here

CAUTION: between mid-April and late July getting an appointment can take up to one month.

Note: we cannot issue a visa more than 3 months before your departure date.