Art and architecture occupy a special place in French higher education.

France's écoles supérieures of art and applied arts are public institutions of very high quality that confer nationally regulated diplomas after 3 or 5 years of study.

Other schools—private or administered by chambers of commerce—grant degrees that are specific to each school.

Both categories of school practice selective admissions based on the student's application file or examination results, and often an interview.


CampusFrance has created an online system that allows prospective students to apply simultaneously to 60 carefully selected French schools of art.

The CampusArt network offers a choice of some 200 art programs at the licence and master's levels.

Students who have completed at least 3 years of postsecondary study in art can use the system to prepare a single online application that will be considered by every school in the network. The system allows applicants to track their application through to the offer of admission.


Schools of architecture

French education in architecture has been harmonized with the European LMD degree system.

  • The first 3 years of study lead to a degree in architectural studies that is equivalent to a licence (bachelor).
  • In 2 more years, students earn the diplôme d’État d’architecte, equivalent to a master
  • After an additional 3 years, students can earn a doctorate in architecture.

All 20 national schools of architecture regulated by the French Ministry of Culture offer post-master programs of specialization and advanced study, including the important credential known as HMONP that entitles graduate architects to direct building projects independently and in their own name.