Erasmus Mundus Master courses & scholarships


Erasmus Mundus offers culturally enriching higher education opportunities for both European and Non-European students.

We invite Hong Kong & Macau students to apply to participate in an Erasmus Mundus Masters Course, provided they have obtained a first degree awarded by a higher education institution.

Erasmus Mundus Masters Courses are high-quality study programmes at masters level offered by a consortium of at least three European higher education institutions. They last between one & two years which lead to the award of a recognized double, joint or multiple degree. Students have to study in at least two institutions. Erasmus Mundus Masters Courses cover almost all academic disciplines. An Erasmus Mundus Masters Course normally starts between August and November, depending on the usual starting date of the academic year in the countries concerned.


Please note that there are no Erasmus Mundus Masters Courses offered at undergraduate or doctorate levels.

Click here to see the European Commission's website on Erasmus Mundus.