Who needs a visa for studying in France?

Hong Kong SAR, Macau SAR and BNO passports holders do not require a short stay (less than 90 days) visa to enter France or the others countries in the Schengen Space except when exercising a paid activity.

* Other passports

Hong Kong and Macau residents holding other passports should consult either the Visa Department of the Consulate or check the website of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs for more information.





How long does it take to get a visa?


The standard time to issue a visa is 15 working days provided your application file is complete and you have submitted all the required documents.

During peak periods (before summer holidays and around Christmas time) we may not be in a position to issue the visa within the standard timing; you are therefore advised to apply early enough(around 2 months) before your departure.

For holders of passport from: Algeria, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Lebanon, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Vietnam the standard issuing time is 20 working days. 

Please note: we cannot issue visa more than 3 month before your departure date.

ATTENTION : those standard times cannot be guaranteed. It is advisable to keep that in mind when planning for your trip. 





How much does a visa cost ?

The table below sets out the fees (in Euro) for processing the main types of visa. 

Type Fees in EUR
Airport transit visa 60.00
Schengen Visa (up to 90 days) or for a FOD 60.00
Visa on behalf of an African country 60.00
Visa for a FOT/FOCT 9.00
Long stay visa (more than 90 days) 99.00


Appointments for Visa application through online system






In order to apply for a visa, a appointment must first be made on line, Monday through Friday, except public holidays, between 8:30 am and 12:30 pm.

No application can be made without a prior appointment .

For more information, please click here .