Confirm your enrollment by registering at your new university or school. Registration is required of all students, including those from within the European Union. 

The registration process at the universities

All students are required to register in person at the beginning of each academic year. The procedure is the same at all of the nation's universities.

Registration has two parts:

Administrative registration

In the process of administrative registration you will enroll in the national student health plan, choose a supplemental insurance plan (mutuelle), and pay any balance due for your tuition (unless paid in full in advance). At the end of the process you will receive your student ID card. Visit your university's Web site to learn the dates and other details of registration.

Academic registration

In this second phase of the registration process you will choose from among the course options open to you, learn the dates and times of your classes, and be briefed on grading practices and examination schedules.

Registration at other institutions of higher education

Other institutions of higher education are free to set their own registration procedures, which normally are communicated to students well before the beginning of the academic year. Be sure to take note of any documents that you may be asked to provide at registration. Originals are often required.