Other specialized schools offer degrees in fields such as communications, tourism, and health, among others.

Catholic Universities

Created in the late 19th century, catholic universities are multidisciplinary higher education institutions. There are 5 in France: in Lille, Paris, Angers, Lyon and Toulouse. Their organization is close to the non-religious universities and they give the same degrees (acknowledged by the State).

Other institutions

France is internationally recognized in the fields of gastronomy, hotel management, fashion, and film, among other areas. 

Numerous specialized schools offer programs in these and other fields, such as comic art (bande dessinée), animation, video games, photography, and the performing arts, as well as journalism, communication, paramedical specialties, social work, and more.  

Specialized schools may offer government-sanctioned diplomas or degrees that are specific to the granting institution. 

Most programs are 2 to 5 years in length. Admission decisions are typically based on examination results or on an evaluation of the student's application.