1.        Is CampusFrance a private study agency? Will CampusFrance apply a school in France for me/help me find accommodation? 



-           CampusFrance is a national agency promoting French Higher education in Hong Kong and Macau. We will not help students filling in documents/ preparing all documents while students do not need to send application through CampusFrance. For application, students must communicate directly with the French institutions. However, CampusFrance will provide assistance service and information for you to allocate the most suitable course, based on your demand and background. 



 2.  Do I need to hold a bachelor degree in order to learn French in France?        

-           No. French language schools welcome students with different academic qualification.  For finding French language schools, please consult the following website: http://coursdete.campusfrance.org/ orhttp://www.qualitefle.fr/Recherche.aspx  



 3.  I am a representative from a local institution. My school wants to develop more academic cooperation with French counterparts. Will CampusFrance provide help for that?       

-          Yes.  Promoting students mobility is one of the goals of CampusFrance. We are pleased to help you contacting potential partners for you. If you want more information, please contact our CampusFrance Representative.


 4.     Do we need to reserve an academic interview through the online system in the website of the Consulate General of France in Hong Kong & Macao?         

-          No. Academic interview and the visa application are two different procedures. Students need to pass the academic interview before applying for a student visa. Reservation of the timeslot of academic interview must be sent through email. (email: study@consulfrance-hongkong.org  

 5.     Will CampusFrance provide translation service in Hong Kong?      

-           The Consulate General and CampusFrance DO NOT provide English/French translation services. To obtain a list of translators sworn by the Supreme Court of Hong Kong & recognized by the Consulate General, you may click here

To certify translations (a fee is charged), you may call the Switchboard of the Consulate General at 3752 9900. 

Please note that we certify translations only for the translations done by the recognized translators in the above mentioned list.

 6.     Do I need to pass through procedure CEF for applying for a school program or for a student visa in Hong Kong?      

-           No. CampusFrance Hong Kong is not following the procedure CEF as we are not part of the network of CampusFrance China.

Students should contact prospective French schools for enrollment.


Students need to go through the visa application procedures indicated in the webpage of Consulate General of France in Hong kong & Macao. http://www.consulfrance-hongkong.org/Visa-Application