Application of the CAF has always been a headache for many of our students new to France – you will find below two video together with a brief summary of some instructions that you might find helpful for this inevitable procedure for your housing subsidy.

What is CAF?

CAF is a sum of housing sibsidy allocated to students by the French government. More here

CAF application

You can already start the application online the day you move in. Make sure that you have a valid email address and a French bank account with a RIB beforehand. A copy of your passport as well as a translated copy of your birth certificate will also be required.

Visit Click on Les service en ligne > Estimer vos droits pour: > Les aides au logement to estimate if you exceed the annual income ceiling

For first time applicants - How to start your application

On the website > Les services en ligne > Faire une demande de prestation > Aides au logement > nouvelle demande (for first time application)

  1. Enter all the required information
  2. A list of documents to be provided will be communicated
  3. The precise coordinates of your landlord
  4. SIRET number of your agency (composed normally of 14 digits and situated on the top left corner of your rental contract) 
  5. Your bank coordinates (RIB)
  6. For scholarship awardees: the coordinates of the awarding organization (Name & address)
  7. Download and print out the attestation de loyer. It has then to be completed by your landlord.
  8. Gather all the required documents and send it to your CAF.
  9. You should receive a letter sent by post indicating your allocataire number (numéro allocataire) and password (code confidential). Keep them at a safe place as they will be used each time you contact your CAF

Please note that your right of the subsidy is effective the next month following your move in.

Step by step guide to your CAF online application 

Watch the video and follow all the steps indicated to be gone through during your CAF online application