How to find your Art Training

The Trainings directory gives access (under specific conditions) to Art trainings of “Licence”, “Master” and “Doctorate” level offered by institutions in the CampusArt network. The Website also gives general information on art and architecture studies in France and helps students get their way around.

CampusArt is a network of French institutions offering trainings in Art or architecture and organized by Campus France, with the support of the French Ministries of Education, Foreign affairs and Culture, and the ANdÉA, French association of Superior Schools of Art).

To choose a training, foreign students must have studied Art or architecture for 3 years (fine arts, art history, music, architecture, design, cinema, video, dance, illustration etc.) and be fluent in French. Application is done online, through a quick and interactive process.
Students thus have the opportunity to send the application to all the institutions in the network with only one form.

Response from the institutions is sent in late April (note: applications end in mid-February), allowing to prepare a scholarship or visa application and organize the journey. Service is free until the student accepts a training offer.

This online application process is available anywhere in the world. CampusArt does not replace the visa application if it is compulsory for HKSAR/ BNO passport holders to study in France.