Study in Rennes: the city where the students are the happiest

Pleasant to live for students, the city has renowned universities and offers a range of courses, ranging from the Business School at Sciences Po.
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With more than 60,000 students (about 40,000 university), Rennes is the eighth student city in France (20% of the population have been studying there!). According to a survey in 2014*, half chose Rennes for the quality of the courses among which 92% are satisfied and rather satisfied with life there. In this young and dynamic city (35% of the population is under 35 years), the unemployment rate is two points lower than the national average. In the streets of the historic town center with half-timbered buildings, social activities and festivals abound. For the academic side, with engineering schools (INSA Rennes, Bretagne Telecom), the European Graduate School of Art in Brittany, Sciences Po, a business school and two universities, the programs with quality attract young people worldwide. Here are the highlights of five among them.

* Conditions of life and health of students of Rennes / EHESP (2013-2014).

1. The University of Rennes 1: dual Franco-German diplomas

Rennes 1 is the largest university of Rennes, with over 25,000 students (an increase of 18% in ten years). It is divided into three campuses: Villejean, Centre and Beaulieu. This university has ten Unités de formation, (UFR, training units) in medicine, pharmacy, philosophy, maths etc ..  The plus : Since 1998, the Economics students can attend a Franco-German curriculum with the University of Augsburg. It is also possible to follow a double degree in Economics with the University of Oviedo in Spain.

2. The University of Rennes 2: psycho department has the dimension

The University of Rennes 2 has 20,000 students in arts, humanities, languages, social sciences and physical and sports activities. The university has two campuses in Rennes: Villejean and La Harpe. The plus : the psychology programs are particularly well renowned. Attracting students from all over France, the master of Criminology has a partnership with the universities of Lisbon in Portugal and Louvain La Neuve (Belgium).

3. Ecole Normale Supérieure (ENS) in Rennes: research at top

The ENS is a prestigious institution whose mission is to prepare students for careers in higher education and research. The institution has several departments: economic rights, computer science, math, sports and mechatronics. Admission is either examinations (after two years of prep) or on application. The plus : The ENS-students (those passed by the competition), are paid € 1,500/ month during their studies. In exchange, they will have to work ten years after graduation for the state.

4. The ESC Rennes: a cosmopolitan education

Ranked 15th in business schools Figaro Student 2014 - and the first and only international standard - ESC Rennes is an establishment that recruited after two years of preparatory classes. Courses are 100% taught in English and 85% of teachers are foreigners. The plus : "The school is distinguished by its cosmopolitanism, half of the students are foreigners," says Andrea Stephan-Blondel, director of communications.

5. Sciences Po Rennes: social sciences methodology

The advantage is having Sciences po .... Rennes. "The school offers a multidisciplinary education in social sciences, and students are largely evaluated on their oral presentations, and their group work," explains Gwenaël Leblon-Masclet, general manager of services. He added: "The students are already in employment status." Selective, admission is competitive via the common competition that brings together 7 IEP (Institute of Political Studies) Province. The plus : for some master courses, students can do a sandwich-year at their last year.

The five favorite places of Roch, 25 years old, a student at the ESC Rennes.

  • The Thabord park. It is a beautiful central park for walking. It is well laid out with its winter garden. In spring, the flower beds are wonderful. And summer and winter, visitors can admire the birds in the aviary. Sunday is where Rennais all stoll in the park.
  • Place Sainte-Anne. With its Abbey (currently under construction) and the pedestrian area, Rue Lebastard leads you to shops in Rennes. I recommend 22 Scott Street, which sells very good footwear.
  • La Creperie Saint-Georges. 11 Chapter Street, this is the best in Rennes. There's a foie gras and other more traditional Andouille of Guémené. Better book in advance to get a table.
  • Sunset coffee. At 22 rue Saint-Michel, it is my favorite bar in this street which we usually call Rue de la Soif (street of thirst). They serve L’Embuscade, a cocktail with white wine, blackcurrant and beer.
  • The Lices market .With 3000 producers, huge market every Saturday morning. At dawn, the party people come at around 5 to 6 am for a galette saucisse. And at 2 pm, when the fish market is cleaned, Rennes come to drink a beer with fish smell in the nostrils.

Originally published in French on Le on 6 November 2015 by Sophie de Tarlé