A student has fun comparing the differences between communication and engineering schools

Camille Remy, a young student in the school of communication, created a series of interesting infographics comparing her program and that of his companion in an engineering school.
CampusFrance Hong Kong, Hong Kong S.A.R., China

Originally from Reims, Camille Remy is on second year at Iscom, the school of communication and publicity located in Lille. Great fan of graphic design, she created for her personal pleasure, some fun graphics highlighting the differences between the schools of engineering and communication schools. "My boyfriend is studying engineering. Our differences in style make me laugh very quickly and I wanted to show them," says the young student.

To achieve her computer graphics, Camille Remy used the illustrator software. "At Iscom, we are well-trained to master graphics software."

Although the young student does not yet know what exactly what she will to do after graduation, she wants to continue to cultivate her talent in creating via DTP software (Desktop Publishing). Currently she is working on a cookbook.

Computer graphics is an artistic activity of digital images creation. While some people learn the techniques on the job, there are several specialized schools or training in computer graphics.

Published originally in French by Hugues Lefevre on 30 October on Le Figaro